Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Light in the Forest

The days roll by like a whirlwind… 
Not one goes by that you don’t enter my thoughts…   
Sometimes you linger there...
Others, you seem like a melody floating on the wind, familiar yet fleeting;
here and gone. 
I often feel lost in this grief; lost and alone…   
It lay coiled deep in my gut; heavy, taught, warm – a serpent curled upon itself. 
No beginning, no ending, just a mass of roiling muscle. 

I remind myself I am not alone.  That many share your loss, and that despite moments of seeming disability, they pass and I go on…  life goes on…

I glimpsed you like a ray of light in the forest
soft, golden, fleeting
you cast shadows too
yet they hold no meaning for me.

As you play your music
I hear the past,
see the future,
feel the moment…

I feel the moment.

Dappled leaves flutter gently in the breeze
you walk with me… hold my hand
gravel crunches below my tired and swollen feet
road signs are trees and boulders; you’ll find no words here.

The rain and sun have conspired to nourish my soul
I smell salt in the air, and change to come
the trees that bow to the prevailing winds still grow strong
I will too.