Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Things To Remember Him By

I have created a memory shelf in the living room.  On it are placed things from his life: a high school photo, his gaming dice and “Dungeons & Dragons” book; “Scappy” one of his stuffed animals; his memorial program.

After the funeral, my son’s adoptive dad offered photos and keepsakes to take home.  I didn’t take many.  They didn’t hold meaning for me; they weren’t “my” memories….  Fortunately my husband encouraged me to collect some things.  He reminds me that these things will help us stay connected, give us a window into who he was…

I just don’t have many things that represent us – both of us – together, but I have some, which is more than many birth mothers have.  

And I am grateful to have them.


  1. Thinking about you today Candace...i just cant even imagine the pain of losing a child. Much love to you as always~

    1. Thank you Becki, for your love & support.